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Ir directamente al contenido principal. Buscar por Conectividad. Ver todo – Buscar por Conectividad. Tried these headphones on a friend’s MacBook and microphone worked great, so the issue is only on Windows PC. I sadly returned my headphones as I have a Windows PC.

It is unfortunate to hear our product did not meet your expectations and that it needs to be returned. We will have your feedback noted as we always strive to make this a better experience. I am having the same issue. People on my calls say they can barely hear me. Point of clarification: I have the problem even if I am just connected to my phone and not just to the computer.

Again, we do apologize for what happened. We would like to help by isolating and troubleshooting the issue. If you cannot connect your computer to the headset, delete the headset pairing information on your computer and perform the pairing again.

As for the operations on your computer, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the computer.

Please open this link with steps if pairing cannot be done. I had to return these headphones even though I liked them from the sound quality. You should have this disclaimer in your headphones page that it won’t works for calls and refund people having this problem. I have the same issue and as I am reading here I will ask for a refund directly without wasting time in repeating the full process We regret to inform you that our Latin America Community site is shut down since April 1, There is nothing you need to do for this closure.

If you have a Community login, it will continue to work for other Sony sites that support single sign-on. If you need help with your product, please visit our Latin America Support site. There you will find the latest solutions, manuals, downloads, and more.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for being part of our online Community. Currently the whole device is useless and therefore I will send it back to Amazon, because it’s now corrupted due to a simple update.

I’m sadly disappointed with my recently acquired WH-XBN model , after going through the exact same issues reported in this thread and Sony’s proposed solutions. Thank you for putting in the extra effort during this busy time at work. RalphM, is there any solution to this problem? I’m having the same issue. In my case the computer is dual boot with Linux, and it works OK in Linux. But I also need to use it with windows, but no one can hear me if I try. Just a heads-up to my earlier post: I was finally successful in correcting the sound, through Windows 10 Settings.

Hope this helps any other folks out there. Very honestly I don’t recall exactly which detailed steps, but I remember:. We regret to hear you’re having the same issue. Please provide us with the exact model number of your Sony device so we can better assist you. Hi Aldrin G,. I have the exact same issue as the others. Microphone works well on Android but Volume is extremely low on Windows Already did the troubleshooting and put the Volume in the sound setting on I am also facing same issue.

Microphone volume is not at all audible to the meeting attendees. Infact even i have set the mic setting to But no luck. Same model and firmware version and also same issue, I have seen comments where it says that in previous firmware versions it used to work, it is really a shame, because this are great headsets but I had to replace them with a bose noise cancelling which works excellent with MS Teams, I had a bad experience with sony servic, because I could not use them for the purpose I bought them and also I was no able to return them because they claim it is not sony’s fault which is clearly something in the new update, it is not windows 10 fault I know it is not the best but how come that it used to work before the last update and it works just fine with my bose headsets.

It is very disappointing from sony, so do not make the same mistake as I did and do not buy this ones if you work with MS teams or skype, other than that they are great for listening to music and taking having calls directly from your phone. Same model, same firmware, same problem. On Win 10 the mic is too low and I can’t find how to increase the volume. Please assist! Thank you for your response. May we know what specific application you’re using for this?

Also, please let us know if you have tried the steps provided by Kristina, Romeo and Maybelle. The applications I’ve tested include Skype, Teams and Zoom. Again, the problem doesn’t exist if I use the same headset and the same computer with Linux – at least in Teams and Zoom they work perfectly.

I need to reset the headphones before switching the OS. At the same time different brand bluetooth headset works ok on the same windows installation. Thank you for trying the suggested steps. If you’ve already tested the Microphone settings in every video conference app. Please check if you have already installed all the latest updates and drivers on your windows computer.

If possible, try to connect the headphones to a different windows computer to further isolate the issue.

Low volume on the Mic. I too have been through all the Windows troubleshooting. No Mic issues with all my other bluetooth headsets connection to same laptop. I bought these headphones for using for work at home and listening to music. Hello Aldrin G,. At least everything that Windows update offers. The software I’m testing on also has latest versions. Is there any specific driver that needs to be updated?

I have also tested this on another computer, to which this headset has not been connected. Same results, but I’m not sure about the latest software on that one,a s it’s not mine.

Thank you for this information. Please send me a private message with the following details for further assistance. Same issue here. Using zoom with wbn is impossible because of low MIC volume. Surprised by this bug, very disappointed. Is there any solution to this issue? I tried everything under Windows 10 – aftert a couple of weeks I stumbled upon a setting called something like other language – english is not by base settings. Configure your microphone, to be usable by voice recognition.

I never tried this one, since I didn’t want to use voice recognition. Don’t know if it was really this one don’t want to reset my working configuration , but perhaps worth a try? Is this in the main Language settings for Windows or application specific? Windows configure speech recognition – setup microphone. Same problem here with Windows I just bought those headphones for work and it is pretty frustrating to spend that much money and then not being able to use the microphone and having to switch around.

The speech recognition work around also doesn’t work for me since I cannot switch this on because it clashes with company admin settings. Pretty disappointing. Looks like it’s a hardware issue otherwise Sony would have addressed it by now with an update.

Last time Sony. Last time. Back to Bose I guess. The same with me I tried to configure it via speech recognition but with no success. I am having the same problem and if I can not fix this I will have to return them and buy some that actually work.

Come on Sony, get your act together. There are thousands of other Chinese manufactured devices out there that seem to be able to get their Bluetooth devices working correctly. Please let us know the model number of your headphones so we can better assist you.

I agree that with a product in this price range, this shouldn’t happen. If it happens this often, Sony should be able to reproduce it and give us an update and solution. I took the headhones to Sony support, they returned them with text – works as expected! I’m not sure if there was a text like that from the beginning, I’m guessing this was added.

So it would seem that instead of fixing the issue Sony decided to document it:. Only ordinary phone calls are supported. Applications for phone calls on smartphones or personal computers are not supported. So thanks Sony! Same problem here. Very disappointing.

And I’m satisfied with all the use of the program. I became a supporter of UAD. I compliment you. The apollo solo is my first UAD interface and is awesome, very useful and professional also the unison plugins are the best nothing more to say. Thanks UAD! Great audio interface, and great plugins. Anyone who writes about unstable work, just follow all the requirements for setting up Windows.

Home studio guy using for demos. Moved up from audient id4, which was good, but glitchy. Apollo has been smooth sailing and sounds great. Plugins sound great, but are pricey. I give the Apollo Solo USB interface 5 stars because I have found that it meets every true need I have as someone doing simple recording tasks.

I recently embarked on a second home studio transformation, and the Apollo Solo USB is at the center. The simplification of equipment has helped create a neat and uncluttered workspace in which I have become more productive.

The Solo has been fundamental to the improved quality of my tracks. Here are some of the things I like most about my Solo. Its diminutive size makes it unobtrusive, and the styling and color lend a futuristic elegance. I like that you can control it with either the controls on the device or with the mouse. The built-in mic preamps sound just fine — I would not be unhappy or ashamed to work with them at all. The latency free monitoring is sensational. The whole system is easier to set up and learn than I expected.

Works with Reaper perfectly. Sound quality is great. Works great and sounds great — I could not be happier with it. There are some additional features mainly of convenience I wish it had, but the cost would have to go up and it would have to get bigger. Let me get those shortcomings out of the way. If you simply must have more physical inputs, this is not the right model of interface — you need to step up. Buy a little stereo cord splitter to run a second set of phones.

A headphone amp would work also. Just learn the DSP figures for the plugins you like and prefer to use. So far my favorite preamp is the simple Neve preamp — sounds great and not too expensive on the DSP. I will probably use it most of the time regardless of source. Hope some of this helps someone. Sound quality is phenomenal, compact.



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